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Fuel Filters

Replacing the fuel filter annually as a means of preventative maintenance is a good idea for two reasons.

One is that if you still own the car or truck when it is vehicle is six or seven years old, you can get quite a bit of rust and/or debris accumulating inside your fuel tank. Rust is caused by moisture or condensation and debris can get into your tank whenever you add fuel. By changing your fuel filter regularly, you will reduce your risk of plugging your fuel line.

Gasoline is supposed to be filtered at the pump but it isn't always. It can also become pulluted with water from a leaky storage tanks, an incorrectly mixed alcohol blend, or even intentionally by an dishonest gas station owner or distributor trying to make a fast buck.

Some signs you need to replace your fuel filter:

  • Starting problems
  • Engine stoppage
  • Idling problem
  • Sputtering
  • Acceleration problems
  • Engine performance or misfiring
  • Smelly exhaust odour
  • Carburetor or injection problems

Over time, every filter will reach the end of its life. Replace yours regularly and avoid future engine damage.

The difference between a new and used fuel filter
The difference between a new and used fuel filter.
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