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Fuel Filters

Your preventative maintenance schedule should include replacement of the fuel filter to keep your fuel pump and engine running smoothly.

The fuel pump is designed to catch particles, debris or impurities in the gas tank before the fuel reaches the pump to ensure only clean gasoline reaches your engine.

Rust is caused by moisture or condensation. Debris can enter your gas tank anytime you add fuel.  Overtime, rust and debris can accumulate inside your fuel tank.

We recommend changing your fuel filter regularly to reduce your risks of plugging your fuel line or damaging your fuel pump and/or engine from contaminates.  Check your owner's manual to see what the manufacturer recommended guidelines are for fuel filter replacement, but here are some signs that you may need to replace your fuel filter:

             * Starting problems

             * Engine stoppage or misfires

              * Idling or acceleration problems

              * Smelly exhaust odour

              * Carburetor or injection problems

The difference between a new and used fuel filter
The difference between a new and used fuel filter.

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