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Cooling System Service in Kelowna

Cooling System Service

Cooling system failure is one of the leading causes of break-downs.

Breakdowns are inconvenient at the least and can even be dangerous but aside from this, the damage to your car or truck engine and transmission can add up to thousands of dollars in repairs that were preventable. Overheating can damage valve guides, scuff pistons, crack cylinder heads, and crush head gaskets.

Most breakdowns can be prevented by the following preventative maintenance and repairs that are available at Boyd's:

  • Coolant level, concentration and condition is checked
  • The system is checked for leaks
  • The entire cooling system is cleaned
  • Coolant is completely flushed from the system
  • Premium coolant is added
  • Conditioners are included to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Cooling System Sealer is included to prevent leaks
  • All belts and hoses are inspected
  • Water pump is inspected

Make cooling system service a regular part of your vehicle maintenance every 12 months for standard coolant and every 24 months for extended coolant.

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A cooling system.
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