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Wheel Bearings

Inside the wheel and behind the brakes, the wheel bearing is what allows your tire to spin freely while mounted to the spindle. Also known as the Wheel Hub Assembly (WHA), the wheel bearing also supports the vehicle’s weight. To be able to do both of these jobs, the bearings must be in near perfect condition. The seals must also be leak free to keep the lubricant inside the bearings and free of contaminants.

Some signs that you need to have your wheel bearings serviced are:

  • ABS warning light is on
  • Vehicle pulls in one direction
  • Noise when hitting bumps
  • Front wheel has improper movement

When your wheel bearings need replacing, it is important that the WHA be torqued according to the individual vehicle's specification in order to prevent failure. At Boyd's we have the correct tools and guides to ensure that everything is done to specification.

Wheel Bearings
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