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Getting Your Car Ready for a Summer Road Trip?

Summer Road Trip

Summer is here and that means summer road trips are too! Before you hit the road this summer, here are a few tips on getting your car ready for the trip...

Check Your Tires

Before you head out check your tread and tire pressure. The optimum tire pressure for your specific vehicle should be listed in your owner’s manual. Don’t neglect the tread/amount of wear on your tires. A downpour could make the roads slippery, so your tread still needs to be in good shape. Also, be sure to check the pressure of your spare tire too!

Check Your Filters

Often neglected, make sure your filters are clean and in good order. Dirty filters can lead to increased gas consumption and, in some cases, may even negatively impact your vehicle’s engine power. Get those filters checked!

Check Your Fluids

Make sure your oil, coolant, windshield washer fluid, power steering fluids etc. are clean and topped up!

Test Out Your Brakes

One of the most essential parts of any vehicle, make sure your brakes are functioning well before you get out on the open road! After spending winter and spring driving around town, you want to make sure all is working order before you get up to those faster highway speeds! Work your vehicle through its paces and see if you notice anything odd about your brake performance. If you do, have them checked over by a trained technician.

Make Sure Your A/C is Running Well

There are worse things that can happen out there than your A/C packing in, but still, it could make your trip very uncomfortable and it could even be hazardous - it’s easier to get drowsy in a warm car! Give your A/C a blast and test it out around town a few times before you hit the road.

Bring your car into us for a once over before you get out on the open road this summer. To schedule an appointment, please contact us.




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