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Crash Course: What Makes up a Vehicle’s A/C System?

Winter Tire

In the summer, your car’s A/C is your best friend. Not only does it keep you comfortably cool (even in Kelowna’s summer sun!), but the cool air can also help to keep you more alert on those longer road trips too.

However, many people don’t know too much about their vehicle’s air conditioning unit. After all, most of us turn the A/C on without giving it a second thought. It’s one of those pieces of equipment that we only really notice when it isn’t working properly. So how does your air conditioning unit work and what are the various parts?

Your car’s A/C system consists of the following key components:

  • Compressor - the compressor is responsible for compressing the refrigerant in your A/C system. It hates moisture.
  • Condenser - the condenser (AKA mini-radiator) is one of your compressor’s buddies. It takes hot gasses from the compressor and converts them into liquid form. The liquid is passed on to the...
  • Drier - basically your compressor’s best friend. When working properly, it prevents moisture from entering and damaging the compressor.
  • Evaporator - the bit that’s most responsible for the cooled air you love so much! The evaporator uses the refrigerant to chill the air. It also removes moisture, hence its name.

Obviously, there are other components that make up your vehicle’s A/C system too, but those listed are some of the most important ones!

When you’re out and about this summer, keep an eye on your vehicle’s A/C output. Is it strong? Does the air take a long time to cool down? Monitoring your system closely will help you identify potential problems, rather than have an A/C system failure come ‘out of the blue’.

If you’d like us to take a look at your vehicle’s air conditioning unit, or any other part of your car, please contact us to schedule an appointment.




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