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BC Highway Winter Road Conditions Continue

Highway Winter

Even though it's March 7th, the higher elevation roads here in BC continue to be a problem for drivers. Melting and freezing water can create black ice and heavy slush can prove to be just as dangerous when driving at high speeds. It is the las in BC that in order to drive the high mountain roads, all cars must have proper snow tires (those marked with the snowflake). 

This photo was taken on February 17th by a friend of Boyds who was driving from Vancouver back to Kelowna only minutes before an avalanche closed the highway for two days. You can see from the photo that the normally 2-lane wide highway was down to only one lane due to the high snow bank dividing the highway. The vehicle in front is a big dually truck with two snowmobiles on the back.

Before you drive the high mountain roads, check your fuel, your windshield fluid, your windshield wipers and your tire pressure. Check the BC Highways website to make sure the roads are open and above all... take your time! It's our goal at Boyd's Tire and Auto Service to keep our customer's cars and trucks safe and in top maintenance condition.




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