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Debunking The Ultimate Cold-Weather Car Myth: Warming Up The Car

With the recent dip in temperatures throughout Kelowna and the Okanagan, it’s time to debunk the most popular cold-weather car myth that seem to come creeping back each year. Your Car Doesn’t Need to “Warm-Up” Before You Drive It One of the most persistent winter vehicle myths is that your car or truck needs to idle and warm-up before you drive it. This popular misconception actually started as fact back before the days of electronic fuel injection when carburetors played a more important role, but most cars on the road (early ‘90’s or later) no longer need this idle period. In actual fact, your car only needs to be “warmed up” for a maximum of 2-3 minutes, as the engine will warm up faster and more efficiently when it is being driven. Idling your vehicle will only warm up the engine anyway, so you will need to get behind the wheel and drive in order for the steering, wheel bearings, tires, suspension, and transmission to warm up. But The Interio ... read more




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