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Fleet Maintenance in the Okanagan: Top 5 Ways to Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

Seeking fleet maintenance in the Okanagan? The experts at Boyd’s Tire & Auto Service in Kelowna are here to help!

We understand that each fleet has different requirements for auto service and repairs. Whether you have a fleet of 5 vehicles, 20 vehicles – or more, we will set up a customized program for your company to ensure safety and cost effectiveness for your business.

Top 5 Ways to Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs

As a fleet owner, reducing maintenance costs is essential for keeping your operations running smoothly and profitably. Here are 5 tips to help you minimize fleet maintenance costs

  • 1. Regular Vehicle Inspections: Implement a preventive maintenance program that includes regular inspections of your fleet vehicles. This can help you identify and address any potential maintenance issues before they become more costly repairs.
  • 2. Follow Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule: This includes oil changes, air filter replacements, tire rotations, and other routine maintenance tasks. Adhering to the manufacturer’s recommendations can help prevent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your vehicles.
  • 3. Train Drivers for Proper Vehicle Operation: Proper driving habits can significantly impact the maintenance costs of your fleet. Provide training to your drivers on best practices for vehicle operation. This includes avoiding aggressive driving, excessive idling, and overloading the vehicles. Encouraging responsible driving can help reduce wear and tear on your vehicles, resulting in lower maintenance costs.
  • 4. Monitor Fluids Regularly: Keep track of the fluid levels in your fleet vehicles, such as engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and coolant. Regularly check and top up the fluids as needed to prevent damage to vehicle components and ensure optimal performance.
  • 5. Properly Maintain Tires: Proper tire maintenance, including regular rotation, balancing and alignment can extend the lifespan of your tires and reduce the frequency of replacements, resulting in cost savings.

Reducing fleet maintenance costs requires proactive planning, diligent monitoring, and regular maintenance – all of which our Fleet Maintenance in the Okanagan can help with!

Fleet Maintenance in the Okanagan

As mentioned on our service page – our Boyd’s Tire & Auto Fleet Care Includes:

  • Oil Changes 
  • Vehicle Maintenance
  • Suspension
  • Engine
  • Vehicle Electrical System
  • Tires
  • A/C Service and Repair
  • Transmission Service and Repair
  • Warranty Repairs
  • Factory Recalls
  • And More

We accept all Fleet Credit Cards including:

  • ARI
  • Element Fleet
  • Jim Pattison Leasing

Call us today at (250) 860-1157 to schedule an appointment, and allow us to show you the difference we can make to your fleet maintenance service!

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