Always good service and friendly people

4 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/19/2018

Great service above the crowd

4 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/12/2018

Job well done

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/11/2018

Another great experience! Oil change and tire change over, Chad knew my tires and had the 2 extra there in and out in about 1 hour!

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/10/2018

I went to Boyd's to have my flat tire repaired and received fast friendly and friendly service, thanks.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/10/2018

Not only do they understand service they understand hospitality. Very well taken care and unbelievably quick. Not a doubt in my mind that we will be customers for life moving forward. Highly recommend.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/5/2018

Great Team, Clearly passionate and knowledgeable about their industry. Always courteous and helpful. When you're in a bind they go the extra mile and make you their main concern. Highly recommended.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/3/2018

Wow...I phoned first thing in the morning, because I had a super dead battery, and Michelle said, I will have it in within the hour, and then we can do the exchange. Amazing fast and super friendly service from Michelle and the mechanic. Chad and his team is my go to mechanic! Always

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 4/3/2018

Chad goes above and beyond for service. He is honest and makes you feel like you are his favourite customer.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 3/31/2018

They got my vehicle in quickly, addressed my concerns, called and gave me my options before proceeding with any work, and also alerted me to a future potential issue- no complaints. They also showed me in person the future issue and explained the ramifications and potential issues instead of just telling me I should get something done without the why, or the evidence, greatly appreciated.

4.5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 3/29/2018