I had an appointment to have both mine and my husbands winter tires put on and oil changes on both. Dropped my car off at 9:30 it wasn’t done until 1:30, then dropped my husbands car off at 1:30. At 4:30 we still hadn’t heard back so we gave the shop a call and they told us they were just finishing up and that we could come and pick the vehicle up. Five minutes later I got a phone call from the owner saying that they would not be putting my husband’s tires on because we did not purchase our tires through their store. I asked why this was? And informed him, I also did not purchase my tires at their store and they had changed them over twice on my car? The owner informed me that he wouldn’t be making money off of me so it wasn’t worth his time. I responded with “your charging me $160 to change over my tires, that seems like you’re making money off me? And why are you telling me this at 4:45pm when you have had my car for more than four hours? I was extremely irritated that we had left the car there for half the day and we’re just finding out 15 minutes before closing that the tires weren’t even going to be put on. We drove down to pick up the car and I expressed my anger and irritation to which the owner replied he would put on the tires for me because he knew I had a young family but if I had of been a single guy or anyone else he would not be doing it. We went to pay and found out that he didn’t even do the oil change on my car earlier in the day even though he had it for four hours as well. I am extremely disappointed with the service at this auto centre and will not be returning because of it.

1.5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 11/16/2017

Nice people, great service and I even got chocolate! Thanks Chad & team Heather

4.5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 11/2/2017

As always it was a pleasure to get my truck serviced by Chad and his crew. Quick and thorough and always in a good mood. I highly recommend Boyds!!!

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/31/2017

Boyd's helps keep my car in great shape. Thank you

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/24/2017

Thanks Chad and team...great timing, service, recommendation for proper tires, price and on time delivery. Also very convenient if working in downtown Kelowna.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/14/2017

Boyds is the only shop I go to for anything to do with my vehicle. They are reliable and always give you honest advice in regards to maintaining or fixing your vehicle. Being a first time car owner that is very importent to me cause I know my car is in good hands. Thank you Chad and the team at Boyds for going the extra mile.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/12/2017

Very quick, prompt, professional. I look forward to future appointments.

4 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/11/2017

I bring my vehicle here every time I need work done. They provide honest work, they have great customer service, and always have my vehicle done on time.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/5/2017

Always on time, always professional and always a great experience here. Thanks again, Boyds.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/4/2017

Awesome service! Thank you Boyd's for all the help!

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 9/29/2017