Thanks Chad and team...great timing, service, recommendation for proper tires, price and on time delivery. Also very convenient if working in downtown Kelowna.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/14/2017

Boyds is the only shop I go to for anything to do with my vehicle. They are reliable and always give you honest advice in regards to maintaining or fixing your vehicle. Being a first time car owner that is very importent to me cause I know my car is in good hands. Thank you Chad and the team at Boyds for going the extra mile.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/12/2017

Very quick, prompt, professional. I look forward to future appointments.

4 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/11/2017

I bring my vehicle here every time I need work done. They provide honest work, they have great customer service, and always have my vehicle done on time.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/5/2017

Always on time, always professional and always a great experience here. Thanks again, Boyds.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 10/4/2017

Awesome service! Thank you Boyd's for all the help!

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 9/29/2017

Great service.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 9/27/2017

Excellent, professional and friendly service. I use my car for business and put lots of kms on it. I've trusted Boyd tire and auto service for 225,000km and they've never let me down.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 9/19/2017

Again, I enjoyed the excellent service provided at Boyd's. My car was attended to quickly and well, I was able to use the loaner van and then had a friendly chat as I picked up my car. I highly recommend Boyd Tire and Auto Service!

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 9/17/2017

Speedy service as usual. Friendly knowledgeable staff.

5 Boyds Tire & Auto Service 9/12/2017